Castles and Countesses

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The Castles and Countesses books are storybook tour guides about English castles and women in history.  The guides are fun, funny, and informative.   They are meant to be used as tour guides as readers visit the historic castles as well as provide ample background information on the illustrious women who once called these castles home.

Here’s what the critics are saying:Jerramy-Nadine-Lyndsy

“The Castles and Countesses series is a dream come true for anyone who loves royal history but find normal guidebooks unbearably dull.  Longhi brings these regal heroines to life and gives fun yet practical guidance for touring their formal royal residences.  A must have for your next stately outing!”

Jerramy Fine, Author of Someday My Prince Will Come, Regal Rules for Girls, and Bright Young Royals

“A whimsical walk through history shining light on the real Anne Boleyn and her home Hever Castle”

Nadine Jolie Courtney, Royalty Blogger, Contributor

“Fans of Downton Abbey, royal dynasties and the Mitford Girls will be delighted by this book. A fun and informative history lesson exploring the lives of the Duchesses of Devonshire and the mark they made on their Chatsworth home.”

Lyndsy Spence, Author of The Mitford Girls Guide to Life and The Mitford Society

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